the cause of my son's foot pain

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4 Reasons To See A Sports Medicine Podiatrist

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Sports and injuries often go together. Injuries to the feet and ankles are common, and without treatment, long-term problems can arise. You should take a trip to see a podiatrist for injuries to your feet or ankles. Your doctor can help with pain relief and treatment, but for an injury that needs more, you need the specialist.  Strains Strains are common, and in a lot of situations, you can treat them at home. Read More»

Pain In Your Foot? What Could Be The Problem

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Pain in your foot can be caused by any number of things depending on where you are experiencing the discomfort. If you have pain in your foot it could make doing most of your daily activities difficult. Get down to the bottom of your foot problem so you can get back to your life without pain. Read on for common foot problems and how it may be treated. Toe Pain Read More»