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What Happens When You Don't Seek Bunion Treatment?

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In the United States, 23% of people between 18 and 65 years have bunions. Despite bunions being common, you should always visit a doctor every time it appears. There are numerous bunion treatment options available depending on its severity and the degree of pain it causes. When you don't seek bunion treatment, the following could happen.

You Could Suffer Serious Medical Complications

While bunions begin as a small bulge with minor irritation, they could grow in size and cause immense pain if untreated. The bunion may grow bigger every day and lead to serious medical complications. As the bunion rubs against shoes, it can cause blisters and calluses, which can cause infections that will be difficult to treat because of repeated irritation.

At the advanced stages of a bunion, the bursa, fluid-filled sacs which cushion the joints, get swollen and painful. Over time, the inflammation of the bursa may become a chronic condition called bursitis, which causes excruciating pain. The bursa can also become infected and rupture. 

Inability to Move

When a bunion starts, it appears as a small protrusion on the side of your big toe and causes mild discomfort. As it grows, it causes irritability and eventually pain and inflammation.

If left untreated, the bunion will cause diminished movement. It will stiffen your toe and make it hard to bend it. Therefore, making it hard to maintain your balance even on flat ground. With time, you will find it hard to walk or run, and standing for a long time will also get uncomfortable.

Foot Deformity and Metatarsalgia

When you leave your bunion untreated, it will eventually grow too big and push or twist other toes. Over time, the other toes are likely to get out of alignment, giving your foot a bent appearance. As a result, it will become hard to find shoes that fit correctly, and those that fit will be uncomfortable to put on. The misalignment of toes will cause foot deformity, which you will need treatment for. 

Metatarsalgia refers to inflammation of bones which causes bruising, pain, and difficulty walking. When bunions aren't treated on time, they can cause metatarsalgia as you place your body weight on the foot with the bunion. It can also cause a tingling sensation and numbness on your foot.

Get Bunion Treatment Now!

Given the above side effects of not getting timely bunion treatment, you should be proactive and seek treatment immediately. Consult a podiatrist today before the bunion progresses and causes other severe medical conditions.