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Signs Your Foot Or Ankle Is Out Of Alignment

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Your feet move you around everywhere you go, and just a small amount of pain in your feet or your ankles can leave you unable to do your day-to-day activities. If you have pain in your feet due to an injury, you should have them looked at and treated by a podiatrist. If left untreated, the pain that you feel or the injury you sustained may not heal properly and could leave you in a different type of pain or could affect you later down the road. A previous foot or ankle injury may lead to these areas being out of alignment, which needs to be treated before it affects you elsewhere. Read on for some signs that your feet or ankles may be out of alignment.

You Have Hip Or Lower Back Pain

If you are experiencing hip or lower back pain, it could be caused by a previous injury to your feet or your ankles. If you have an injury that was left untreated, it could cause you to walk differently and this change in your gait could result in pain elsewhere in the body because of it. You may have changed your gait in order to deal with the pain from the injury. When this happens, you could be walking with a limp, or you may be walking on the sides of your feet, or with one foot cocked out at an angle. This change in how you walk will then put other parts of the body out of whack as well. What once started with a foot injury, has now turned into another issue in the body, and at this point, you may need more than just a podiatrist for help.

Your Shoes Are Wearing Out Differently

If you notice that you are wearing out the sides of your shoes, or you are walking over the sides of just one shoe and not the other, it may have been due to a previous injury that you have changed how you walk. If you notice that your shoes wear out differently, you should have your foot, or your ankle looked at by a specialist to have this corrected.

Your Feet Hurt All The Time

If you are in constant pain and you haven't changed your footwear recently, it could be because your foot or ankle is out of alignment. If you have had a previous injury, it may not have healed properly and you are now left in constant pain. This is something you need to have looked at and treated by a podiatrist.

If you notice any of these signs in your feet or your ankles, it's time to visit the podiatrist for a checkup and for possible treatment options.